Bible Study at Saint Luke's is a stimulating and practical way to pursue spiritual goals that can be
directly applied to everyday life.  

In the past, we have studied from the Listening for God series of books.  They are excellent
compilations of short stories from contemporary writers who, in one way or another, are challenged
and confronted by the presence of God.   The characters and scenes are often presented in highly
unusual and unorthodox situations.

We have also discussed love and ethics as interpreted through the Bible in the  "Love and
Faithfulness" study group.  Another popular season was centered on the beloved C.S. Lewis'  
Chronicles of Narnia.

Led by either Pastor Schmiege or Associate Pastor Martha Jacobi, these study and discussion
groups are enlightening, highly interactive, and personally expressive moments of witness in a
non-judgmental arena.   Usually accompanied by a light supper or breakfast, depending on the time
and season, it is a great time of fun and fellowship, as well.  See the Calendar for dates and times.
Bible Study
Probably Saint Luke's oldest and most popular tradition, our annual Christmas Caroling, takes place
on the steps of the church, on either the second or third Friday in Advent.  

Festively dressed in Charles Dickens style costumes, everyone is welcome to be a part of this colorful
and merry event.  Situated on Restaurant Row, we perform for people going to or coming from dinner
and/or theater.  We attract large lingering crowds who sometimes sing along, have their photos taken,
and exuberantly  express their joy and surprise at having come across this unexpected sight of
evangelical witness.

Afterwards, Pastor Schmiege and his wife Connie open their home to a party on the top floor of the
church.  Besides a sumptuous buffet of seasonal food and drink, festive music and conversation, we
spend part of the evening wrapping gift bags of small clothing items, candies, and holiday trinkets for
the patrons of our Soup Kitchen.
Christmas Caroling
Winter Retreat


    One of our newer traditions is the "Soup Song Cabaret".  A variety show,  it is performed by members
    of our congregation in St. Luke's Theatre, located in the basement of our church complex.  

    Since Saint Luke's is situated on Restaurant Row in the heart of the Theater District, many of
    our parishioners are aspiring, as well as professional,  singers, dancers, musicians, and actors.  
    Twice a year, under the helm of director Helen Huff,  we take advantage of their exceptional talents
    to put together an entertaining evening of song and dance.  

    Proceeds from the performances benefit the Soup Kitchen.  

    This is our annual benefit show.  This year we celebrated the 160th anniversary of the congregation
    with an evening that included dinner and a special staged radio show.  

    Twice a year, Pastor Schmiege leads an enthusiastic group to the Synod's
    retreat center, Koinonia, in the  Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York.    
    The summer retreat is usually scheduled toward the end of July to the beginning of August.  

    Besides the time spent in Bible Study and worship, Koinonia offers several summer and
    winter activities.  The outdoor highlight of the Summer Retreat is an afternoon spent rafting on
    the Delaware River.  The Winter Retreat is usually scheduled in February, and includes
    such activities as  inner-tubing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating.

    Both retreats are excellent opportunities to worship and reflect outside the confines of the city,
    and are made available to anyone wishing to attend, regardless of their financial situation.    
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Winter Retreat
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