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The Lutheran Church of Times Square

    Other Events/ Announcements:   If you have any events or shows coming up that you want to
    share with the congregation, please send the information exactly how you would like it printed to be
    included in next week’s email announcements (see above).

Weekly Announcements
Shrove Tuesday
February 12, 2013
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                                                           This Sunday’s Personnel:

    Presiding Minister:  Pastor Schmiege                   Assisting Minister: Scott Burkell
    Lector: ??????????????                                      Crucifer: Pazul Loesel                                
    Organist/Choirmaster: Cantor Pedro d’Aquino
    Ushers:  ??????????????
    Coffee Hour: Robert Loch

    WEDNESDAY —  Feb. 13 Ash Wednesday
    8:30 am         Morning Prayer with Ashes
    12:10 noon    Holy Communion with Ashes
    5:00 pm         “Between the Shows” – AA
    7:00 pm         Holy Communion with Ashes.

    THURSDAY — February 14 – Valentine’s Day
    1:00 pm    Soup Kitchen

    FRIDAY – February 15
    5:00 pm    Double Trouble – AA  

    SATURDAY —  February 16
    10:00 am     Lenten Bible Study:
    “Psalms, The Bible’s Prayerbook”
    Block printing of Retreat project

    SUNDAY — February 17  
    First Sunday of Lent
    9:00 am      Choir
    11:00 am    Sung Eucharist
    12:15 pm    Coffee Hour
    7:00 pm      Young in 164 – AA

    MONDAY – February 18
    6:00 pm       Double Trouble – AA

    TUESDAY — February 19
    1:00 pm      Soup Kitchen
    5:30 pm       Beginner – AA

This Sunday February 17 at 11 a.m.

The First Sunday of Lent
Sung Eucharist

    Below is the list of volunteers for this Sunday. Please check to see if you are scheduled. If you
    see a question mark somewhere and would like to volunteer, please call André (212-246-3540).
This Week at St. Luke's:

    Lent during the Week

  Every Wednesday 7:00 pm
Candlelight Vespers

Every Thursday starting Feb. 23 at 6:30 pm
Movie Night with Soup and Bread

Every Saturday at 10 am
Lenten Breakfast Bible Study:

The Psalms—Prayer Book of the Bible

    Ash Wednesday Worship

Wednesday, February 13
(All Ash Wednesday services will include the imposition of ashes.)

8:30 am:  Morning Prayer w/ Ashes

12:10 Noon:  Holy Communion w/ Ashes

7:00 pm:  Holy Communion w/ Ashes

       Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

    Join us tonight for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake
    Supper here at the church!  We’ll
    be serving from 6:30 on—with an “all you
    can eat” Pancake supper.  We ask for a
    contribution of $5.00 per person to cover
    the cost, but you are welcome regardless of
    ability to pay.

    Come and join the fun!