Bible Study at Saint Luke's is a stimulating and practical way to pursue spiritual
goals that can be directly applied to everyday life.   In the past, we have studied
from the Listening for God series of books.  They are excellent compilations of
short stories from contemporary writers who, in one way or another, are
challenged and confronted by the presence of God in unusual and often times
highly unorthodox situations.  We have also discussed love and ethics as
interpreted through the Bible in a study group, "Love and Faithfulness".  Another
popular season was centered on the beloved C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Led by either Pastor Shmiege or associate pastor Martha Jacobi, these study and
discussion groups are enlightening, highly interactive, and personally expressive
moments of witness in a non-judgmental arena.   Usually accompanied by a light
supper or breakfast, depending on the time and season, it is a great time of fun
and fellowship, as well. See the Calender for dates and times.
The Clothing Bank at Saint Luke's distributes good used and new display clothing to anyone in need.  

Closely connected to the Soup Kitchen mission, the Clothing Bank is open the first Monday of every month
from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   The line begins to form early in the morning, and by 8:00 a.m. many people
are waiting for admission tickets.  Clients are asked to present a letter of referral from a church or social
service organization attesting to their needs.  

Not only do we offer daily wear clothing  for men, women, and children, but we try to provide  "Interview
Clothing" so that those who need presentable attire for a job interview may have something appropriate to

Clothing donations are always welcome, and volunteers are always needed.  To set up a time to drop off
clothing, or to inquire as to when your help is needed, contact the Church Office  (212) 246-3540.
Clothing Bank
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Saint Luke's has a very special and active relationship with Kibeta English Medium Primary School
(KEMPS) in Tanzania, Africa.  Besides the funds that we raise through special mission offerings, we are
very proud to have had one of our own members, Gayle Kliever, spend five years teaching at the school,
which lies at the northwest corner of Tanzania. The Synod has also chosen Stephanie Schmiege to
carry on the task of teaching there for the next two years.

Run by the North Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, KEMPS was
founded with the support and encouragement of our own Metropolitan New York Synod.  KEMPS was
established to provide "quality education and care"  in a country where everyone is struggling to get an
education.  Children of Tanzania are only guaranteed a seven-year elementary education - and this is at
only half-built, half-staffed,  and poorly funded government schools.  For a child to receive a good primary
education (and a chance at high school), he or she must attend a private school.  A private school can
sometimes cost a family 100% to 300% of their per capita income.  KEMPS was founded to provide
young students with excellent education and care, and to give them a chance at succeeding in
secondary school and university.  
Tanzania Companionship
The Lutheran Church of Times Square
Saint Luke's     Missions
Soup Kitchen
The Soup Kitchen at Saint Luke's continues to be a vital ministry to many people
throughout the city.   Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1 to 2 p.m. Throughout the
year, our theater space is transformed into a dining area where we serve a hot
meal to 160 to 220 people each day.

The Soup Kitchen is subsidized largely by the United Way, which stipulates 15% of
its funds be spent on fruits and vegetables.   We also receive cash gifts and food
items from our neighbors on Restaurant Row. We recently received a special gift
from the 46th Street Block Association.  

City Harvest (an organization that redistributes leftover food from area restaurants)
supplies most of our bread.  A great deal of the success of our Soup Kitchen is
due to the special offerings received directly from our church members, and
through the congregational budget.  The Soup Kitchen is  staffed by volunteers
from the congregation, area office workers seeking an "alternative" lunch break,
and out-of-town mission and youth groups.  Volunteers are always welcome.
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